NaamKaraan Zain wrote down a heart-aching note for his eldest brother on social media

COVID-19 is taking so many lives of people in the second wave, Naamkarann actor lost his eldest cousin due to COVID Syed Taqi Imaam, The actor shared a heart-aching note for his brother on
Zain Imam wrote, “Here we bid a final adiu to the most loved and eldest of our Cousin who we fondly called cuckkoo bhai(Kaukab bhai) aka Syed TAQI Imam. Our dearest eldest cousin brother ,a soul that touched so manny hearts in so manny ways. We still can’t believe you left us so early Bhaijaan. We all were positive that you will come out of this but guess Allah had something else in mind and the day of shab -e-qadr to snatch you away from us.
You will be dearly missed bhai. This post is in remembrance of the hardships of life you faced with a smiling face.”