‘My mom used to always accompany me to shoots’ – Debina Bonnerjee on her struggle period


Mumbai, the city of dreams has the charm to attract millions. However, the reality is not as charming as the dream. Moving to a new city and starting everything from a scratch is not as easy as it seems. You have to learn and unlearn a lot of things. Debina Bonnerjee, a popular television diva who won many hearts for playing the role of ‘Sita’ had to struggle a lot in her initial days.

It was during an interview with Pinkvilla, Debina shared that while she stayed in a PG her mother accompanied her as well. Sabree quipped, “When she came to Mumbai, I came with her and I never left her side ever since.” Debina supported her by saying “She used to come along with me everywhere and not that she used to be with me all the time, but she used to randomly come here, go back and whenever I needed her, she was always there by my side at the cost of my younger brother, my father was there, but when I used to go to shoots, my mom always used to come with me.”

Talking about staying grounded and the struggle everyone has to go through Debina states “Even now, when people come to Mumbai, and suddenly, they want to do something, my mom and I discuss that you have to have your own share of struggle and no one can give it to you on a platter.” “No one else can do that for you and you have to bear with your own struggle.” contributed Sabree.

She further went on to share how her parents supported her in her struggle. She says “I never felt like it was a huge struggle because I was always protected by my parents and it never felt like something that is very dangerous. I remember going to an office in Dadar for a meeting and my mom was also there and I felt embarrassed to admit that I take my mother everywhere, so I mom to wait outside.”

Her mother added that she used to wait for Debina outside on the footpath while she was inside. When Debina used to come out her mother used to be already red from the heat.

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