Munmun Dhamecha walks out of jail following Aryan Khan’s release

Munmun Dhamecha walks out of Mumbai Arthur Road Jail, after Aryan Khan’s release for the same.

The NCB detained Aryan, Arbaaz, and Munmun on October 3 after raiding a cruise ship in Mumbai and busting a narcotics ring. Aryan Khan’s friends and family took a breath of relief as Aryan Khan walked out of jail this Saturday morning. Although Aryan and the other two detainees, Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha, were granted bail on Thursday, the entire procedure took time, and the star child was forced to remain in detention till Saturday. Munmun and Arbaaz, on the other hand, were unable to leave the jail owing to missing paperwork. According to the latest reports, model Munmun finally came out today after her lawyer completed the entire process.

For the uninformed, Juhi Chawla signed a bond of 1 lakh for Aryan Khan’s bail surety. The celebrity youngster has been ordered to appear in front of the NCB every Friday at their Mumbai headquarters, and he is not permitted to leave the country without prior authorization. Aryan Khan has also been told not to connect with any co-accused who is engaging in similar activities, either directly or indirectly. Arbaaz and Munmun’s families, on the other hand, each gathered seven persons to stand surety for Rs 15,000 apiece.


Munmun’s lawyer also informed that the entire process took a while. It started on Saturday morning as the family tried to complete the procedure as soon as possible. The process was finished at 7:30 PM, which is 2 hours beyond the deadline. He went on to say that around 8.30 p.m., they were able to get the release order into the box.