‘Modernized’ dresses for Camilla, Kate, and Harry are planned for the ‘relaxed’ coronation, according to experts

At the’relaxed’ coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, Camilla and Kate are anticipated to wear’modernized’ gowns, while Harry will don a suit.

At the ‘relaxed’ coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, the latter and Her Royal Highness Kate are anticipated to wear ‘modernized’ gowns, while Harry will don a suit. The ceremony will be “scaled down” compared to previous coronations, the palace had declared. Josh Birch Jones, a royal fashion specialist, expects that the royals will choose a “modernized” outfit for the special occasion. “With the decision to hold a more relaxed coronation, expect to see a more modern gown for this historical moment,” he said of Queen Consort Camilla’s crowning attire.

For the creation of her coronation gown, Queen Consort has sought the aid of British fashion designer Bruce Oldfield. Birch Jones believes that Queen Consort will choose an off-white or ivory ensemble, maybe embellished with beaded symbols of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. He anticipates seeing a potentially more simplified rendition of previous coronation robes as a result of the event’s announced modernity, which would once again incorporate symbolic importance through the embroidery of flowers, animals, and other natural elements that are important to Queen Consort. The coronation will also be heavily focused on jewelry, particularly the Queen Consort’s ring, which will be unveiled on the day of the ceremony 1.


It is crucial to remember that the royals must make prudent decisions while choosing their attire for the coronation to prevent upstaging the King and Queen Consort.