Mirzapur 2 trailer review: Heartpumping and hair raising, garners around 5 lakh views in less than 45 minutes

The official trailer for Mirzapur 2 has released. The second season of one of the most loved and interesting web series is all set to release on 23rd October.

Amazon Prime Video is back with the second season of its most successful web series, Mirzapur. The official trailer premiered on the official YouTube channel on 6th October and has already gathered more than 4.9 lakh views in less than 45 minutes. The trailer has given the notice of another adrenaline rush with intensified characters, gunfights, and most importantly, revenge.

After the execution of Mirzapur season 1, the hype has always been there and the fans have been on their heels waiting for the second season to arrive. Now that it is here, it was expected from the very ending of the season 1 that the next season will focus on Guddu’s and Golu’s revenge, the characters played by Ali Fazal and Shweta Tripathi Sharma respectively. The revenge they seek is for the murder of their loved ones by the son of the most powerful character in the plot, Kaleen bhaiya, played by none other than Pankaj Tripathi.  His son, Munna, is a character played by Divyendu.


From the very first second, the trailer creates the ambience so intense that it would have not gone unnoticed. The trailer began with voiceovers of different characters recalling the incidents of the previous season, one of them being an ominous voiceover by Kaleen Bhaiya saying, “Jo aayega, woh jaayega bhi. Bas, marzi humari hogi”. Munna has been introduced as his heir, who sets the tone for his character by declaring the rules of Mirzapur will be as per the person who sits on the throne. The trailer introduces Guddu bhaiya’s comeback followed by Golu’s promise to rule Mirzapur at the very brim of the gun.

There are other new characters who are also introduced such as Sharad played by the impeccable Anjum Sharma who has entered the plot to avenge his father, Rati Shankar Shukla’s death from the last season and also a new unnamed character played by Vijay Varma. It’s a fitting power-packed trailer that hits you in quite a few places and makes sure you stay on the edge of the bed waiting for the coming season. Apparently, the most exciting part of this season will be the rise of Golu, played by Shweta Tripathi Sharma, who has promised to rule Mirzapur making the plot more intense. There is no wrong saying that we just might get ourselves a lady gangster this season in Mirzapur.