Milind Soman receives supports from friends against the charges, says ‘Nudity is normal’

Recently, Milind Soman shared a picture of him running a nude marathon. And his fans and friends give him all power to be unapologetic about the nude upload. 

Recently, Milind Soman took to his Instagram account and shared a picture of him running a nude marathon which he posted on 4th November with a caption that read, “Happy Birthday to me.” While the post received applause from fans and friends, it also spurred controversy. Now, he is booked by multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code. His only legal route for withdrawal is by releasing a public statement of apology – which he is unlikely to do. On the other hand, fans and friends give him all power to be unapologetic about the nude upload.

In a fresh update, SpotboyE quoted a few of Milind’s closest friends supporting his choices. “Milind is very comfortable with his body. Nudity is not an issue for him at all. Being without clothes is as natural to him as eating, sleeping, or breathing. Why would he apologize for something that is natural to him?” one friend said. Another went on to differentiate the controversies between Milind Soman’s and Poonam Pandey’s nude posts. “One  knows whatever she does for attention. For the other nudity is normal.” But Shekhar Suman thinks otherwise. If Poonam Pandey gets a case filed against her for the same offense, so should Milind. “If it’s unlawful then I guess the due course of action is justified. And if Poonam Panday can be booked for the same offence, then why not Milind? There are better places to streak…like your bathroom,” he said.

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