Mehmood’s sister and veteran actress-dancer Minoo Mumtaz passes away

Actress Mino Mumtaz passes away at the age of 79.

Veteran actress-dancer, Minno Mumtaz passed away on Friday night at City hospital in Toronto, Canada due to her health issues. She was the sister of the celebrated comedian and filmmaker Mehmood.

Mumtaz’s dance moves and fluency flourished her in the film world. She has worked in numerous films including Aji Chale aao, Jaanu jaanu re, Insaan Jaag Utha, and many others. She has also displayed impeccable comic timing in her roles with Johnny Walker and Om Prakash.


Minoo Mumtaz’s father Mumtaz Ali was a dancer in Bombay Talkies in the 1930s-40s. Talking about her starring in films Mumtaz had said in an interview that, “I was 13-14 and interested in dancing. Though my mother objected, my father encouraged me to take to dancing. Let her work, he said. That’s how I came into the industry”.

Minoo however had quit her work after her marriage to director SA Akbar. After which she later migrated to Canada. She has a son and three daughters.

Minoo’s younger brother Anwar Ali’s wife, Mona Mathur Ali gave PTI a statement and said, “She was diagnosed with cancer a few days ago but that may not have been the reason for her demise, there were other health issues. She was her cheerful best. We spoke to her 10 days ago on a video call, she looked lovely, groomed, and beaming self (sic),”