Meera Chopra reveals she has a ‘Psychotic’ personality

In a recent interview, Meera Chopra opens up about nepotism in Bollywood, OTT censorship, Sharukh khan and many more.

Meera Chopra is slowly but gradually making a name for herself in Bollywood after producing some major hits in the South. She has appeared in a few notable films, including ‘1920 London’ and ‘Section 375.’ In a recent interview, she opens up about her initial days, her relationship with Priyanka Chopra, OTT censorship, her future plans in showbiz.

When asked about her favorite past roles, she said.” I don’t remember any specific roles but I really want to play a psychotic character like a seductress or a con girl. I recently asked my manager to find me a role that matches my personality and she was like what type of roles I said maybe a psychotic girl.I find myself psychotic” She laughed.


She further added,” Just because there was no censorship on OTT platform, people were making any crap. All the personal fantasies were shown on screen. And Now due to censorship people will make sensible stuff. India is a country of culture and values and we must not forget that. Instead of imitating the West, why not spread our own culture through OTT platforms. I am glad that now there is a thing called OTT Censorship.”

” I really wish I get to go out with Shahrukh khan very soon. I want to work with him and I think he is the most charming man on the earth right now. I really loved his intense character in chak de and I always enjoy his every film” She added.

Meera recently finished filming for an international audience and is now working on the Netflix thriller Dark Secrets.