MC Stan plays cricket with the OG Sachin Tendulkar: WATCH

Winner of Bigg Boss 16 MC Stan is much more well-known than before.

The rapper is regularly seen at open events. The cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar recently played with him at a gathering where he was present. MC Stan handled the cricketer’s bowling.


The comment section went crazy. “Match kab hai, bro, for?” a user said, “Ek din pyaar dusre din tum out krte” “Ballin hard” added another user. “Goat and God” said a third user. “Mein reppar nhi cricketer hai.” another user commented.

He was also seen wearing a pathani at Baba Siddique’s Iftar celebration. At the celebration, MC Stan primarily appeared to be hanging out with Salman Khan. Stan acknowledged Salman Khan’s important advice to him in a podcast.

He said, “I was surprised to see that Salman sir spoke to me so humbly; he is a person like us.” He gave me advice that I will never forget. He told me that now I will see people around me who will keep influencing and boasting to me for their own profit, and I need to be aware of such people.

“I did notice after becoming the buzz that I came across such people and started shutting them away” , he said.

Fans are overjoyed to see MC Stan form new relationships. At Farah Khan’s party, the rapper made friends with tennis legend Sania Mirza; subsequently, he even performed at her retirement match. The two also had a strong friendship. Stan affectionately refers to her as Aapa.

With their close relationship, Sania recently sent him some expensive gifts, including black Nike shoes that cost Rs 91K and Balenciaga sunglasses that cost Rs 30K. The rapper thanked his “aapa” for the kind gesture on Instagram, posting a picture of the gifts along with his thanks. “Tera ghar jaayinga isme,” he exclaimed.