Masaba Gupta has no plans on having a baby out of wedlock; says, “Don’t have the guts, don’t want that extra pressure”

Masaba Gupta spoke about having a baby out of wedlock.

Masaba Gupta is all set for the release of her second acting project titled as “Modern Love Mumbai.” The celebrity designer is also paired with Rithvik Bhowmick in the short name, ‘I love Thane’ which is directed by Dhruv Sehgal. In the show, Masaba essays the role of a modern woman who is independent. While speaking in a recent interview, the celebrity designer and actress revealed on what being modern actually means to her and how her mother Neena Gupta got termed as modern woman.

During the interview, while speaking about her short film, she said, that a perfect man is a mixture of modern and timeless. Masaba further said one has to be in touch with their ethics, culture and morals around which we have grown up with. While speaking further during the interview the designer turned actress revealed, “I have been tagged too modern for being born out of wedlock. Honestly, it’s wonderful to be modern but there’s no size that fits everyone. I think the responsibility of being modern is to be accepted, however, we have become more intolerant. I think we are going back in time.” She further said that even in today’s world also a child born out of wedlock is looked at differently. The 33 year old further said, “Being a modern woman, do I have the guts to have a baby out of wedlock? Never. I don’t want to take that extra pressure, and put a child in that space.”