Martin Short to be inaugurated as new mayor to Funner, California

Oliver Putnam is set to follow the foot steps of Sazz Pataki as the next mayor of Funner, California.

Martin Short, known for his portrayal of Oliver on Only Murders In The Building, is the newest funniest person set to be inaugurated as the small town’s mayor for the next two years. Past official include Rob Riggle, David Hasselhoff, and Jane Lynch, who happens to be his co-star on the hit Hulu show.


The actor released a statement saying, “As a mayor -elect of Funner, I promise to be more than just a spokesperson dressed in purple from head to toe, but instead, the best mayor in the whole darn state.” He added that he is excited to share his plans with all his constituents in just six short weeks.

Martin will be inaugurated on May 13, when he will be given the key to Funner and announce his upcoming plans for the city, which is home to the massive resort.

The small town was officially named Funner by Rincon Tribe in August 2016, as they committed themselves towards promoting the most fun possible in every business within the city limits.

The actor will also be required to take an oath, wherein he will be promising to “protect fun, good times, laughing out loud and positive vibes.”