Malaika Arora makes this significant claim on being called a ‘Sex Symbol’ – Read to find out

Malaika Arora speaks out after being referred to as a “sex symbol” and makes this significant claim.

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora consistently makes headlines for her seductive appearance. Malaika Arora is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable actors in the Hindi film industry. Malaika Arora recently attended the India Today Conference, where she spoke candidly about how she wasn’t just interested in item numbers.

Malaika Arora also spoke out about her “sex symbol” label and expressed her satisfaction with the label. “I love being called a sex symbol. I have no qualms about being a sex symbol. I would rather be known as a sex symbol than being called Plain Jane. I am very happy and I like that tag (sex symbol),” She spoke.


Malaika Arora added that one cannot survive in the profession solely because of the looks and remarked that she is still relevant even after three decades in the entertainment industry not only because to her ‘pretty face’.

“I am more than just a few songs, a few item songs. I am a lot more than that. Initially, that’s all one was looked at as – ‘she is a pretty face, has a great body, she looks fantastic on screen when she dances, moves well’, but I think staying relevant for over 30 years is not easy. And you cannot just do that, harbouring on good looks. At some point, those looks are going to fade away and you have to move beyond that look,” said Malaika Arora.

When asked about whether she attributes a lot of her fame to the family that she was married into and today, how did it feel when she had parted ways (with them). To which, an extremely candid Malaika said that it did have a lot of benefits in her life, but, she just could not rest on the fact that she had a famous surname. She added that, it (the surname) did open up a lot of doors, but, at the end of the day, she had to work, irrespective of what her married surname was, she had to work hard and prove herself every single day to stay in the game. Malaika also said that, when she did not have that surname and when she went back to her maiden surname, she still continues to work and make a difference.