Mahira Khan expecting second child 3 months after wedding with Salim Karim? Here’s what we know

The viral post also said that Mahira Khan had opted out of two major projects due to her pregnancy.

Mahira Khan, a Pakistani actress who married for the second time to Salim Karim in October 2023, is reportedly pregnant. A viral social media post says that the Raees actress is expecting in August or September. However, Mahira has yet to respond to the rumours.

A Reddit user recently suggested that Mahira might be pregnant with her second child. The user further stated that the actress had opted out of two major assignments due to her pregnancy.


“So, I got this news from a close source that she opted out of the esteemed Netflix project alongside a big film as she’s expecting her second child somewhere in August or September. An announcement could be made soon or not if she chooses to announce it after birth but as she’s a big celeb and can’t keep it lowkey for long, I personally feel that she will announce,” the viral post read.

Soon after the post went viral, netizens reportedly sent congratulatory comments to the actress.

Mahira married her longtime beau Salim on October 1 in a lovely ceremony. Photos and videos from the wedding have gone viral. In an emotional video released on Instagram, her son from her former marriage, Azlan, was seen leading her down the aisle.

Mahira was formerly married to Ali Askari. However, they chose to separate ways in 2015.


Returning to Mahira, she performed the major role alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the 2017 Bollywood blockbuster Raees. For those unfamiliar, Pakistani artists were barred from performing in India following the 2016 Uri incident. Mahira was unable to promote the picture in India and has not appeared in any other Indian productions since the prohibition.

However, the Mumbai High Court recently removed a long-standing prohibition on Pakistani artists in India.