Mahabharat actor Satish Kaul seeks financial help, says ‘I need attention as a human’

Amidst the nation-wide Lockdown, the news of financial crisis amongst television fraternity is a talk of the town.

Recently, Mahabharat actor Satish Kaul, who is 73 years old came out to talk about his financial crisis, asking for financial support to buy medicines.


Satish Kaul, who portrayed the role of Lord Indra from BR Chopra’s mythological show, Mahabharat is going through a tough time.

Satish who has also done many projects in the Punjabi film industry too, is in dire need of money and can’t even bear his basic expenses like buying medicines. He even had his acting school in Punjab which was shut in 2011, that’s when his financial problems actually started. Post that, the actor was staying at an old-age home and is currently staying at his nurse, Satya Devi’s house.

Satish came out and appealed to the audience saying, “it’s okay if you have forgotten me, right now I need attention as human”. The 73 old added, “I’m struggling for medicines, groceries and basic needs. I appeal to the industry people to help me. I got so much love as an actor, I need some attention now as a human in need,” Kaul told PTI. He went on to say, “It’s ok if they’ve forgotten me. I got so much love and I’m grateful. I will forever be indebted to the audience for that. Right now, I wish I am able to buy a decent place of my own where I can stay.”

Actress Priti Sapru, who is touch with Satish Kaul, in an interview with BT told, “For the past few years, he has been staying with a nurse (Satya), who used to take care of him in an old-age home. He calls me whenever he is in distress. That’s how I am aware of his situation. He has been staying at Satya’s home since three years; she was nursing him when he was in an old-age home in Ludhiana. I once visited him at her place during a shoot. I also tried to raise funds for him and wrote to the government of Punjab, as he worked in the Punjabi film industry. The Punjab government gave him Rs 5 lakh and others helped him, too.”
Priti also revealed, Satish met with an accident and hurt his backbone.

Satish, however, is not bogged down by the sad state of affairs and still wants to face the camera, “The fire to act is still alive in me. It isn’t over. I wish someone would give me a role even today, any role, and I would do it. I’m raring to act again.” the actor thundered.
Earlier this month many TV actors have complained of their money being exhausted and demanding to scrap the 90 days payment structure so that actors don’t suffer. Actor Manmeet Grewal committed suicide due to financial crisis, and veteran actor Ashiesh Roy who has worked in this industry for two decades was admitted to ICU and asked for financial help.

It is really sad to see actors who brought charm on screen, are now unable to meet their basic expenses.