Madhuri reveals the cupid in her love story on a recent chat show

On a chat show with Anupam Kher, Madhuri Dixit revealed the person responsible for her love story

It is not a matter of coincidence that a doctor from the US, who does not even know much about Bollywood will marry Bollywood’s top actress. Seems like a fairytale? Well, it surely is? We are talking about none other than the lovely couple, Dr Shriram Nene and our own Madhuri Dixit. Anybody who loves Bollywood movies would definitely have a crush on Madhuri Dixit, so was her aura and charisma. But you would be glad to know that Dr Nene wasn’t aware of her being a top movie star. But the question lies who fixed their first meet? It is next to impossible for a movie star of India and a US doctor to fall in love.

But it was her brother who actually made Dr Nene visit for the first time. On a chat show with legendary actor, Anupam Kher for the first time she narrated their first meeting. She said that it was her brother who without informing her, invited Dr Nene to a part in Los Angeles. After everyone left, when her family asked about Dr Nene whether she liked him or not. Earlier in such instances also her family would enquire her about the boy but she was not interested. But to everyone’s surprise, Dr Nene’s presence impressed her and then the rest is worldwide known.


The couple first became friends, then the relationship grew more serious and finally, in 1999 they took marriage vows. Since then she flew back to the US several times, Dr Nene was seen attending Bollywood award functions with her and God blessed them with two sons, Arin Nene and Ryan Nene.