Machine Gun Kelly shares bloody BTS look at blackout tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly allowed a glimpse of behind-the-scenes look into the excruciating process, which went on for weeks long, to cover his upper body with a blackout tattoo.

The Emo Girl singer, 33, revealed on his Instagram Monday that it took him more than seven sessions over the course of two weeks to cover the entirety of his arms, chest, and upper back with black ink.


In the video, he showed his torse and colorful tattoos before the procedure began, and can be heard saying, “Today marks the day that I start the physical change of my body.”

Kelly remained awake throughout the process, which started off with one arm and slowly covering section after section of his top half.

The rapper, whose real name is Colson Baker, said, “This is the most painful s–t I’ve experienced in my life.”

MGK was seen crying out in pain a few times, and had also included the clips showing needle puncturing his skin and of blood flowing down his arms before being wrapped up in plastic.

In order to help with the painful process, MGK would sit in his own hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which involved exposing the body with 100% oxygen at higher than normal pressure.