Lisa Hayden is expecting a daughter, due date on June 22 says “it might happen sooner”

Model and queen starred actress Lisa Hayden is expecting her third child with husband Dino Lalvani, she was featured on Harper’s Bazaar India where she talked about being a mother and her pregnancy she also talked about the arrival of her daughter

Lisa is due on June 22 but said she already feels the contraction and it might happen sooner, “Our third child-a daughter-is due to arrive on June 22, but I can already feel the contractions, so it might happen sooner. When Zack was born, Dino and I were like, “Where did this angel come from? And when Leo was born, he was a force of nature, and we were like “That’s our child, the other one’s an angel” she said


Later she added “Zack, who is four now, is very excited about the prospect of having a little sister…I think he was a bit jealous when Leo came along, but he is now looking forward to being a big brother”

Both Lisa and Dino are very much excited about the baby’s arrival. Later when she was asked about her health during these past days she said “Physically, the last few weeks come with aches and pains, and the usual sleeplessness and breathlessness. Emotionally, I can always tell when I am close to delivering because I am suddenly filled with a surreal feeling. It is almost like I disconnect from the stresses and issues of everyday life”

The couple got married back in 2017 and their first child Zack was born in the same and Leo a few years later, announced her pregnancy earlier this year in February.