Late Wajid Khan’s wife Kamalrukh accuses her in-laws of forcing her to convert to Islam

Kamalrukh Khan said even after her husband’s death, the family still continues to harass.

Late musician-composer Wajid Khan‘s wife, Kamalrukh Khan, penned a note, seeking a strong anti-conversion bill as states moved to pass a law against ‘Love Jihad’.

She shared the note on Instagram and alleged that there was pressure on her to convert to Islam, which led to the breakdown of their marriage. She was also threatened with divorce. She adds that she will keep fighting for her rights and the inheritance of her kids.


Kamalrukh said that she and Wajid were ‘college sweethearts.’ They got married under the Special Marriage Act. She is a Parsi and, he, a Muslim. Under this act allowed them to get married and practice their own religion.

Further adding, “I want to share my ordeal and my experience in an inter-caste marriage – that in this day and age, a woman can face such prejudice, suffering, and discrimination in the name of religion is a complete shame…and an eye-opener.”

She opened up about her relationship with the late singer. Wajid was a super talented singer and composer who devoted his life to making melodies. She and her children miss him a lot and wish that he had dedicated more time to the family, irrespective of his religious prejudices, the way he created melodies. They never got to become a family due to religious fanaticism.

She concludes that the harassment from the late composer’s family continues.