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Lalit Modi on “24/7 External Oxygen” – Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev reacts to his post

Rajeev Sen, the brother of Sushmita Sen, wished Lalit Modi “a speedy recovery” after he revealed on social media that he was receiving oxygen assistance after contracting pneumonia and Covid-19. Lalit, who acquired the infection while in Mexico, is currently being transported to London by air ambulance.


Former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi is now receiving round-the-clock oxygen support after testing positive for the coronavirus. Lalit uploaded many photos of himself resting on a hospital bed on his Instagram account on Friday. He was also spotted checking his oxygen level in one of the clicks.

Lalit Modi mentioned in the caption of his post that he recently become ill with pneumonia in addition to COVID-19. He further said that after three weeks of confinement, he was taken from Mexico to London.

“After 3 weeks in confinement with a double Covid in 2 weeks accompanied by influenza and deep pneumonia – and post trying several times to leave. Finally landed via air ambulance accompanied by two doctors and superstar super-efficient son who did so much for me back in london. The flight was smooth. Unfortunately, still on 24/7 external oxygen,” he wrote.

Rajeev Sen, Sushmita Sen’s brother, reached the comment section shortly after Lalit Modi posted his health update and wished him a swift recovery. “Wishing you a speedy recovery Lalit. Stay strong,” he wrote.

Lalit Modi’s announcement that he was dating Sushmita Sen in July 2022 caught everyone off guard. The former IPL president posted a few images of the former Miss Universe and actress at the time on his Instagram account, referring to her as his “better half.” After a long international trip that included the relatives and the Maldives and Sardinia, I’m finally back in London. My better half is @sushmitasen47. He wrote, “Over the moon. Later, Lalit emphasised in another post that they are only in a relationship and not married.