Kriti Sanon lashes out over politician’s comment on Hathras rape incident

Kriti Sanon and other celebrities kickstart twitter dispute over a controversial comment a politician tweeted about “raising daughters.”

Celebrities like Kriti Sanon, Farhan Khan Ali, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Vir Das, and others have been quite vocal about their opinions on the unfortunate Hathras Gang rape case. Well, a certain politician’s comment on raising children, daughters specifically, kickstarted a serious whiplash over social media.

Today, AAP posted a tweet about Surendra Singh’s comments regarding parental guidance and upbringing for their daughters. The tweet read, ” ‘To stop rape incidents, teach your daughters good values,’ says BJP MLA. Daughters of India, what would you like to reply to him?”


Check out his tweet:

The tweet kickstarted a twitter dispute with feminists replying and retweeting, lashing out at Singh.

Kriti Sanon, being one of the first celebs to lash out, tweeted, “Teach daughters how to not get raped??? Can he hear himself talk? THIS is the MINDSET that needs to change! Its so messed up! Why can’t they give some sanskaar to their sons???”

Check out the series of tweets exchanged on the ridiculousness of the politician’s video comment.

Kriti earlier wrote on the caption of one of her Instagram posts on the respect girls and women alike are due. “Instead of worshipping your daughters and touching their feet on Kanjak/Ashtami, give them equal treatment and equal opportunities! Tell them they are no less and educate them so they can become independent. Instead of pampering your sons, saying “boys will be boys” and telling them that they should know how to control their wives, teach them that a man isn’t “manly” if he cannot respect a woman!” she wrote.

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