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Kirti Kulhari addresses marriage as ‘Overrated’ after split from ex-husband Saahil Sehgal

In April this year, Kirti Kulhari announced separation from her husband Saahil Sehgal ‘not on paper, but in life’.


After declaring openly her separation from her spouse Saahil Sehgal, actor Kirti Kulhari, called marriage an ‘overrated’ notion in a recent interview.

On being inquired when she felt that wedding was ‘overrated’, Kirti told RJ Siddharth Kannan, ”I started feeling it through the marriage… I am not saying love is overrated or companionship is overrated. I am saying marriage, as a concept, is overrated. I can be in love with someone, I can have a beautiful relationship with someone and I can still choose to not be married to that person.”

”This idea of marriage that exists in our society, this was my conditioning as well. But through the marriage, I realised… I said, ‘What is it about marriage as a concept that we make such a hawa (big deal) out of?’, she added.


Kirti also said, ”Yes, marriage is important for the social structure and this and that, but I think beyond everything, a marriage needs to happen between two people. Their hearts need to be connected. I am sorry, but it is not about families coming together. It starts and ends with these two people, and that’s how it is for me. So, I can do everything I want to do, be a partner to someone, without the ‘marriage’ word being attached to it”.

Earlier on April 1, the actor announced that she is separating from her husband of 5 years Saahil Sehgal. She shared a heartfelt note along with her announcement.

In her note, Kirti wrote, ”A simple note to let everyone know that my husband Saahil and I have decided to separate. Not on paper, but in life. A decision that’s probably harder than the decision of “being with somebody”, because coming together is celebrated by everyone you love and care about”.