King Charles III Coronation: Take a look at all the pictures from royal ceremony

As the crown was put on the head of King Charles III, trumpets and a chorus of “God save the King” filled Westminster Abbey. After living his entire life as the likely successor to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Charles III was anointed monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth states.

Charles, was acclaimed with cries of “God save the king” both inside Westminster Abbey and by sizable crowds gathered outside after being crowned by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.


Camilla was crowned alongside Charles

Both Camilla and Charles have now had their formal coronations. On Saturday, the queen was crowned, establishing her as the monarch of England. After that, she was spotted tucking her hair beneath her crown.

The guest list

Dame Emma Thompson
First Lady of USA Jill Biden with her granddaughter Finnegan Biden
Singer Katy Perry
Fans waiting to catch the glimpse of the coronation

Royalty from Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia to Japan’s Crown Prince Akishino and his wife, Kiko, are among the 100 heads of state were invited. Despite the fact that first lady Jill Biden is scheduled to attend, the US will continue its tradition of never having a president attend a British royal coronation.

In what is known as the Homage of Royal Blood, William, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne, is anticipated to bow before his father and swear allegiance. Prince Harry arrives all alone for the coronation. As per the sources, Megan remains in California as their son Prince Archies fourth birthday is in the same day.

King Letsie III of Lesotho and Masenate Mohato Seeiso, Queen of Lesotho
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene
Former PM of UK Boris Johnson with his wife Carrie Johnson
PM of Canada Justin Trudeau with his First Lady Sophie Trudeau

Response from the Britons

In a recent YouGov survey of 3,070 British adults, 64% of respondents said they were either not at all interested in the coronation or had only a passing interest in it. Only one-third of those polled indicated they were either very or moderately interested. The percentage of those between the ages of 18 and 24 who showed little to no interest was 75%.

The cost of the Coronation 

The coronation of King Charles III will cost the UK taxpayers a tidy amount. His coronation is expected to cost between £50 million and £100 million ($63-125 million), according to CNBC, although Buckingham Palace has not provided any precise figures.

What did the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak say?

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, referred to the Coronation as a “moment of extraordinary national pride” that will be observed throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. Sunak declared, “This is not merely a spectacle.” “It’s a cherished ritual through which a new era is born,” the author says. “It’s a proud expression of our history, culture, and traditions, a vivid demonstration of the modern character of our country.”

PM of UK Rishi Sunak

Indian Celebrities attending the King Charles Coronation Ceremony

Mr. Dhankhar and his wife Sudesh Dhankhar arrived in London yesterday for the royal spectacular, at which he will formally represent India. Variety reports that Sonam Kapoor will perform spoken word poetry to introduce the Commonwealth virtual choir.

In addition, news agency ANI reports that two Mumbai-based dabbawalas will represent their fraternity at the coronation ceremony. To present to the King on this important occasion, they have purchased a Puneri turban and a shawl created by the Warkari community.

During his 2003 trip to India, Charles paid a visit to the legendary lunchbox delivery guys of Mumbai. Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles invited the dabbawalas to their wedding as well.

Let us look back at the history

The history of this abbey starts with King Edward, also known as Edward the Confessor, who was born into a royal family in the 11th century but was forced to leave his own country due to Danish incursions in the area.

The church’s website states that “The story goes that Edward vowed that if he should return safely to his kingdom, he would make a pilgrimage to St. Peter’s, Rome.” One of the 12 apostles or disciples of Jesus Christ is thought to be Saint Peter. Edward was occupied with the business of his realm, thus he was unable to travel. The Pope then allowed him to break his pledge under the condition that he establish or rebuild a monastery dedicated to St. Peter.

Then a new church was constructed at Westminster per Edward’s instructions. The Abbey was dedicated in 1065, but Henry III nearly completely destroyed this cathedral to construct the current Gothic building in Edward’s memory roughly 200 years later.