Kiccha Sudeepa finally REACTS to cheating allegations by film producers

Kiccha had also filed a defamation case against MN Kumar

Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeepa has responded to claims of adultery and stated that the truth will be revealed shortly. For those who are unaware, Kiccha has been accused of cheating by film producers Rehman and MN Kumar. Rehman said a few days ago that the Vikrant Rona actor took money from him and did not return it. MN Kumar had previously complained that the actor had accepted his whole remuneration for a project that had yet to be greenlit.

Kiccha had, in fact, filed a defamation suit against MN Kumar. The actor recently appeared in court in Bengaluru in connection with the matter.


While speaking to media persons outside the court, Kiccha reportedly said, “I would not have survived in the industry for such a long period of time if I had committed mistakes. It becomes a contempt of court if I speak about the entire issue, let the court decide.”

While interacting with media persons, the producer had stated he is in financial crisis and asked the actor to return the money.

Rehman had reportedly said, “I am not complaining against Sudeepa. Post the success of Huchcha (Kiccha’s 2001 film), I invested about Rs 30 lakh in buying the remake rights of Hindi films to do it in Kannada with Sudeepa in the lead role, based on his suggestions, but it did not happen because of several reasons. Rs 5 lakh was paid in advance, out of which I got only Rs 1.80 lakh. I did not get the money back. I request him to return the money as I am in financial crisis now.”

The producer further revealed that he attempted to acquire the rights to Swarg after the actor Vikrant Rona approached him. Later, on the actor’s advice, he allegedly attempted to purchase the rights to Andaz Aapna Aapna. According to the producer, he lost Rs 35 lakh on remakes, but all of the projects were cancelled.

According to reports, Rehman further stated that he attempted to contact Sudeepa multiple times but received no answer. The producer also stated that he went to Sudeepa’s house over 150 times, but every time he went, the actor was either unavailable or refused to meet him.


On the other hand, shared, “I have produced four of his films till now. Mukunda Murari was our last collaboration. Post that, we had discussed another film, with Sudeepa as the lead and he had agreed to take it up too. I have already paid his complete remuneration, but he is yet to give me his dates for the film.”

He added, “I have paid him around Rs 9 crore, even paid Rs 10 lakh for the renovation of his kitchen because he asked me to, and additionally paid an advance to director Nanda Kishore and got the title for this film Muttatti Satyaraju registered with the film chamber. But now, he has announced a film with a Tamil producer. He had assured me that he would start my film post Kotigobba 3 and Pailwan, but that did not happen. After that, he pushed it further by saying that he would take it up after.”

The producer went on to say that the actor has been evasive by not returning his frantic phone calls and has even changed his phone number.