Katrina Kaif to Anushka Sharma, 5 hypocritical Bollywood celebs who got plastic surgery done yet preach body positivity

Let’s look at the B-town divas who preach feminism and body positivity all day and still got works done on their faces.

Being a woman is hard. The world sets new beauty standards with each passing day, and people start commenting on your skin colour, and your body type suddenly becomes everyone’s concern. It’s easy to get caught up in the myth of having beautiful hair and skin, especially when we watch our favourite celebrities go around looking as perfect as ever.

But guess what? Even these celebs in B-town tend to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Though going under the needle is ultimately a personal decision for a woman, many are hesitant to discuss cosmetic surgery in public. However, we’ve discovered that many of the celebrities who preach the idea of being comfortable in their own skin and bodies have had plastic surgery. Here is a list of a few Bollywood celebrities who, although promoting body positivity, have had work done on their faces.



Katrina Kaif

Although Katrina has not confirmed reports of plastic surgery, there is a considerable difference between how she looks now and how she appeared when she first entered the industry. In fact, several of her followers were taken aback when they noticed how much of a difference had occurred on her face and assumed she had opted for botox or cheek fillers.

Simultaneously, Katrina Kaif, one of the industry’s fittest actresses, has maintained her position on self-love and stated, “I don’t believe that there is any ideal physique or any ideal way a woman should look. A woman should look the way she feels comfortable in her own skin.” Sounds a little hypocritical, doesn’t it?


Priyanka Chopra

In her memoir, ‘Unfinished’, Priyanka mentioned having plastic surgery for her nose after a ‘polyp’ removal surgery in her nasal canal went wrong. After her operation, she was crowned with the ‘Plastic Chopra’ label. Despite the haters, the actress chose to ‘draw a line’ and avoid discussing it publicly. She underwent corrective procedures to repair the damage.


At the same time, Priyanka Chopra is an advocate for body positivity and has frequently stated that, while she is affected by changes in her body, she has learned how to mentally adapt to them and works towards feeling better about her body.


Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma was severely trolled on Twitter after appearing on Koffee With Karan 5. While others questioned how her facial structure had changed overnight, others said she had undergone surgery. Instead of remaining silent about the topic, Anushka chose to speak up and respond to the accusations regarding her plastic surgery. The actress revealed that she used lip-enhancing tools for her role in Bombay Velvet and that the surgery claims were utterly false.

She revealed, “I have nothing to hide. So when I spoke about my lip job, a lot of people called me brave for coming out. But I did what I had to (for my role in ‘Bombay Velvet’). I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t. I had to take ownership. I wanted fans to know that I’m human and not perfect. For a short while now I have been using a temporary lip-enhancing tool and that along with makeup techniques (I have learned over the years) is the reason why there might be a change in the appearance of my lips. I have by no means gone ‘under the knife or done any kind of ‘plastic surgery’ or undergone any intrusive procedure.”



Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty excels in every part she performs. From a lovely actress and elegant wifey to a fit and caring mother, the actress is an inspiration to many. Though we see Shilpa less on the big screen, her beautiful presence as a judge on reality shows is truly uplifting. Her childhood photos are all over the internet, and it’s easy to tell her prior appearance from her present one. And the actress never hid the fact that she underwent a nose operation to improve her appearance.

She once came up and said, “Yes, I had a nose job.” What’s the big deal?” and was praised for it. However, the same bold lady has frequently discussed self-love and shared numerous quotes about how one should never criticise their body and learn to accept oneself as they are.


Jahnvi Kapoor


Jahnvi Kapoor’s appearance has changed over time as she is a Gen-Z celebrity. She made her public debut as a teenager alongside her late mother, Sri Devi, but her facial features have since changed dramatically. She has undergone numerous surgeries to repair flaws like rhinoplasty, butt implants, breast enhancement, facelifts, lip fillers, and more.

Fans are outraged when celebrities talk about their natural appeal while having their features refined by needle injections.