Katrina Kaif reveals action director father-in-law Shan Kaushal ‘s reaction after seeing her scenes in Tiger 3

Katrina Kaif made her blockbuster return in Tiger 3. Playing the role of ISI agent Zoya, the actress has yet again impressed the audience with her incredible performance. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, Tiger 3 released on the 12th of November. The film also features Salman Khan and Emraan Hashmi in the lead roles.

Looking at Tiger 3’s success trajectory, Katrina revealed about how her father-in-law Sham Kaushal applauded her on Zoya’s action-fulled scenes.


In a conversation with India Today, Katrina talked about her father-in-law’s reaction to the film and hom much proud he felt. She even expressed her husband Vicky Kaushal’s response after watching the film. He loved the film and stated that her character Zoya was also presented throughout the movie.

Katrina said further that her father-in-law Sham ji is a senior action director and he was the most happy while hearing praises for Zoya’s action scenes. Sham Kaushal said to Katrina that he has made him proud. While Vicky Kaushal said, “Zoya’s character was well presented in the film. It didn’t matter if it was a particular actor, but the way the character had a graph that stayed constant throughout the film, was very interesting,” as reported by Pinkvilla.

The actress even expressed gratitude for all the love that her movie is receiving. She said that it’s a blessing by the audience that they are pouring in so much love for the film. Tiger 3’s massive success also added extra glamor to Katrina’s Diwali festivities as she was truly obliged by fan’s lovely response.