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Karanvir Bohra refuses to apologise after netizens troll him for a Ramayan meme

-Karanvir Bohra was recently trolled for sharing a meme on Ramayan.
-Netizens found his post extremely disrespectful and criticised him.
-However, the actor has refused to apologise for the same.

Social media is a place that can ultimately ruin your image, if you are found indulged into wrong acts. One has to think twice before uploading any such content that would offend prople or hurt their emotions. The latest celebrity come under the spotlight in the world of social media is TV actor Karanvir Bohra. The actor was trolled left, right and centre for sharing a meme on Ramayan.

Ever since the lockdown has started, Karanvir Bohra has been keeping his fans entertained with his posts on social media. The actor, who frequently puts up videos of his twin daughters, on Thursday shared a video from epic scene from Ramayan. The Ramayan meme read, “When you don’t get paid enough for your job.” There’s also the famous song ‘Chogada Tara’ which plays in the backdrop.


Karanvir captioned this meme as, “I had to post this and we used to think, what an epic war they created, just like @gameofthrones.”

However, many netizens found this meme hillarious but others found this ‘disrespectful’

A user commented “This is disrespect.” To this Karanvir replied, “plss learn to have a good sense of humour, nobody is disrespecting God….He is dressed as an asurr…Are you taking the side of the asurr?

“I didn’t disrespect the gods because I’m a devout Hindu and a very spiritual being, thanks to my upbringing. The meme was about an extra who was dancing instead of engaging in the war,” he added by refusing to appologize netizens.

While some people called it disrespecting, Ramayans cast gave a nod and approval to all the memes.

Dipika Chikhlia said, “I just love it. The memes are so cute, creative, funny and imaginative. This is the digital era and it’s really hands on. During our time we had magazines. Once in a month where there would be a small column where we got to interact with fans by answering their questions. But now time has changed and with so many social media platforms the dynamics have changed.”

Sunil Lahri  shared, “I am enjoying the memes and taking them very positively. I am quite active on Twitter and find memes quite engaging and creative.”