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Karan Johar kids reprimand him, son Yash shouts saying, “Do not disturb”

If you find yourself lost on Instagram and do not have any idea how to beat boredom, then head straight for Karan Johar’s profile as he has stacked up some entertaining videos for you!
Karan Johar’s two little munchkins, Yash and Roohi’s videos will make you laugh out loud. What we can’t do in real life, his kids just do effortlessly — pulling the director-producer’s leg.

Recently Yash Johar won hearts on the Internet when he shushed away his father by saying, “Do Not Disturb”, when Karan greeted his son good morning. Sharing this video on his Instagram Stories, the actor captioned, “I felt Reprimanded”.


While on the other hand, his little ‘drama queen’ had some other tantrums. In the video, when Karan asked Roohi ‘why don’t you talk to me’, the cutie-pie replied, “I am tired”, and honestly, we just can’t stop laughing at this one! We think Karan must be in habit of handling such tantrums.


Due to lockdown, Karan is spending quality time with twins and his mother, and he keeps on sharing such videos to entertain the audience. When some days, Roohi and Yash make fun of ‘dada’s clothes’ by saying that they are ‘girl’s clothes’, on other days, they dance with much innocence. We are in love with this cute little family!