Karan Johar applauds Konkona Sen Sharma directed vignette in Lust Stories 2

Konkona Sen Sharma received high praise from Karan Johar for her directorial work on The Mirror in Lust Stories 2, citing a particular scene that made him want to fast-forward and watch it three times.

Konkona Sen Sharma is a multi-talented person who exhibits her abilities as a director in addition to her versatility as an actress. Lust Stories 2 features a segment she directed called The Mirror, which distinguishes itself from other films in the anthology with its subtle depiction of lust and uniquely feminine viewpoint. During a recent interview that Konkona and Karan Johar did with Film Companion, the former praised the latter for her outstanding directing.


In a recent interview, Karan Johar brought up the last scene in Konkona Sen Sharma’s Lust Stories 2 film The Mirror, which stars Tillotama Shome and Amruta Subhash at a vegetable vendor.


He focused on the scene’s particular details, pointing out awkward moments, pauses, silences, and a smooth conclusion—all of which, in his opinion, could only be masterfully orchestrated by an actor who had transitioned into a director. Rewinding and rewatching the sequence three times, according to Karan, was an emotional response to the scenario that touched him deeply. In addition to applauding the film’s overall brilliance, Karan called on filmmakers and moviegoers to pay close attention to this particular scene, calling it amazing.

Konkona was really happy and satisfied that her work was being recognised, as seen by the glowing look on her face throughout the chat.