Kapil Sharma is unable to pronounce English words on his new Netflix venture!!

Taking to Twitter, Kapil Sharma put the rumours to rest as he shared the good news about his Netflix web-series.

Recently, comedian Kapil Sharma had everyone speculating as he asked his followers the English translation for ‘Shubh Samachar’. While everyone speculated the auspicious news to be about his second child, Kapil put the rumours to a rest sharing a video teasing the launch of his new web series on Netflix.

Sharing the teaser on Twitter, the comedian wrote, “Don’t believe the rumours guys, only believe me. I’m coming on @NetflixIndia soon Star-struck. Partying face this is the auspicious news.” The hilarious teaser video shows Kapil preparing to record the announcement video.

However, he is seen struggling to pronounce the word ‘auspicious’. After his multiple failed attempts, the director suggested he should record the video in Hindi. Hearing this a relieved Kapil says, “Really? Well, anyway, I was almost prepared with English. But that’s okay. If Netflix themselves are so Indian, what’s the need for me to forcefully speak in English? So I will be coming on your TV, laptops and phones, that is on Netflix. This was the auspicious news.”

On Monday, when Kapil Sharma asked for the English translation for ‘Shubh Samachar’ everyone wondered it meant he was announcing his second child. Author Chetan Bhagat fuelled these rumours as he tweeted, “Congratulations ko Hindi mein kya kehte hain? Mubarak aapko bahut bahut!”

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