Kanye West was two months away from bankruptcy post being ‘canceled’ for antisemitism

Kanye West claims that was two months from declaring bankruptcy after he was “canceled” for his antisemitic comments.

The ‘Heartless’ rapper raved to TMZ about the success of his latest album ‘Vultures’ as well as his Yeezy commercial during Super Bowl LVIII – over a year after being dropped by multiple major brands for his controversial rhetoric.


While returning from the game on Monday, the rapped told the outlet at Las Vegas’s LAX Airport, “Number one all over the world.”

“I’ma just be honest with y’all. I was two months from going bankrupt, and I put everything I had into it,” he said. Kanye continued that they had to move the factories to Italy to survive. “We survived through the cancellation. We’re back No. 1”

The 24-times Grammy winner also flaunted his various skill sets for his ability to overcome the backlash.

The Gold Digger rapper credited his skills sets of music, clothing, and the fanbase, which helped him stay inside the universe and was able to fight. It it weren’t for these, they would have have been able to destroy him.