Kannada actor Sanchari Vijay passed away after meeting with an accident, his family stated that they will donate his organs

Kannada actor Sanchari Vijay passes away after he met with a fatal road accident on Friday. It was reported that the actor was in coma and also underwent brain surgery. The actor was 38 years old and was undergoing the treatment in Apollo Hospital, Bengaluru. The news was confirmed by Kichcha Sudeep who was helping him in the treatment.

He was seen expressing his sorrow and confirming the news by sharing a post on Twitter stating, “Very very disheartening to accept that Sanchari Vijay breathed his last. Met him couple of times just bfr this lockdown,,,, all excited about his nxt film,, tats due for release. Very sad.Deepest Condolences to his family and friends. RIP.”



Dr. Arun Naik who was treating the patient (the actor) in his statement said, “He was in a serious condition when we received him in the Emergency Department. A CT scan of the brain was done which showed very severe brain injury in addition to a subdural hematoma (brain bleeding). Immediate brain surgery was done to remove the brain hemorrhage. Currently, he is in the Neuro ICU with full life support. He continues to be in a coma state and is very critical. We are monitoring his medical condition constantly and are providing him with the best possible treatment.”

After knowing about the actor’s critical condition his brother, Siddesh Kumar revealed to the media earlier that they will be donating his organs as his family believes will give the actor peace in this ongoing tough situation. He expressed, “Doctors have informed us that his brain stem has failed and the possibilities of him reviving are very slim. As you all know he always worked for the betterment of society. He even worked round the clock on the relief efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, we have decided to donate his organs. We believe that it will bring him peace. He will continue to help the society even in death. Thanks to everyone who tried to do their best to help him.”