Kamal R Khan calls Arjun Kapoor ‘Real Mard’ for his support in the midst of legal battle with Salman Khan

KRK expressed gratitude to Arjun Kapoor for his help during the legal struggle with Salman Khan.

Every day, Kamaal Rashid Khan, nicknamed KRK, appears to be opening a bag of worms. After dragging Govinda in his legal dispute with Salman Khan, he has now named Arjun Kapoor as an ally on Twitter.

KRK posted on Twitter on Friday, “Thank you so much @arjunk26 (Arjun Kapoor) Bhai for your call and long discussion.” Now I understood that you are only my real friend in Bollywood. And you are the only real MARD who is not scared of anyone. I will never ever criticise your film.”


In the past, KRK has openly criticised several of Kapoor’s films

KRK is involved in a legal struggle with Salman Khan, which began when the Radhe actor filed a defamation action against Kamaal. While KRK insisted that the action was filed in response to a poor review of Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai, Salman’s legal team has stated that the action was filed in response to defamatory claims made against the actor.

KRK recently dragged Govinda into the controversy by thanking him on Twitter for his “love and support,” but afterwards retracted his statement and stated that he was not talking to the film star. His clarification came after Govinda said that he had not even spoken to KRK and had no knowledge of his issue with Salman.

Govinda, in his explanation statement to IANS, termed KRK as someone who creates “nuisance” and has a “agenda” by dragging him into a situation he has nothing to do with. He had said, “I do not even know in depth the exact problems between Salman and KRK but my name has been dragged in the matter.”