Johnny Depp seen in his Jack Sparrow avatar for the first time in forever

Johnny Depp switched to his Jack Sparrow avatar at a film festival where he went as a guest of honour.

Through the past few years Johnny Depp’s essayed role in the ongoing Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has only become a memory among the fans.

 While the rumours online suggested that Disney has “axed” the star from the steady series it is still something that has neither been confirmed nor denied yet


 The signs suggest that the Jack Sparrow story has been pinned for later as there are no known Pirates projects involving Depp in the works from Disney.

This seemed to be the case until this week when Depp was seen making a guest of honour appearance at the annual Deauville American Film Festival.

The awards, screenings, and press opportunities, as well as a number of red carpets, all were packed in this event. It was during this one red carpet Depp decided to engage with one of the young fans dressed in the pirate costume, Jack Sparrow.  

The actor said hello and switched to his iconic Jack Sparrow accent, detailed with the unforgettable slurred speech, swaying on the spot.

 “Have you ever seen what you look like? Because I know when I look like that… I look different but I look the same!”  the actor said mimicking the character.

The video, which was posted by Twitter account @Savvy_CapJackie, penned, 

“Johnny Depp making the voice of Jack Sparrow for this little child… It’s too lovely…”

This was the first time in forever that Depp was seen in this role in front of the public eye since Dead Men Tell No Tales, in 2017.

After that the actor’s journey has been tumultuous with the lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, over claims he was a “wife-beater”.

Regarding the future of Depp’s role in the Disney Pirates franchise is still unveiled. 

When the star was asked if he “missed” playing the role he replied with this statement “No, I don’t miss it, because I have it every day, I always carry it with me.”