Jimmy Fallon shares his experience about interviewing BTS and says ‘ They will be back, sooner than you think’

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon relives his past interviews with worlds biggest boy band BTS and shares his experience about interviewing them.

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon spoke about his time interviewing BTS.  BTS being world’s biggest boyband with most devoted fans called ARMY has took over the world. In the video tweeted by Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, a video memory of all the appearances of BTS on The Tonight Show can be seen with Jimmy’s thoughts about his magnificent guests.

Sitting on a chair in his classic grey suit, white shirt with a white background, Jimmy said, ” we always love having BTS on the show.” And Called BTS coming in his show ” A big deal.”


He also added, ” They all have a great personality, every time we get together, we laugh. everyone have a good time.” The video shows the moments when BTS came to the show the very first times and the cheers of fans screaming their name, every time a member introduced themselves.

BTS has always shown love to their fans ARMY, Every member of BTS has thanked ARMY and called them the reason for their success and never ending well of inspiration. In an recent interview with E Now Jimin said, ” Yes we feel pressure, but the fact that our words and actions can have a positive influence on some people makes us happy.”

Jimmy with his serious face talked about a private joke among himself and Jimin, ” I think Jimin wants to take over the show,” when a clip of Jimin introducing himself as Jimin Fallon played on the scream. Fans loving the funny banter tweeted their concern and agreement.

Jimmy recalled the Grand Central performance of ‘ON’ and talked about how organized, beautiful and perfect the performance came out, ” We have done so many fun things. The performance in Grand Central station was still iconic, they were dancing, singing so choreographed- beautiful, perfect. Everything was perfect.” He also revealed that the performance was done three or four times and how exhausting it was to do that intricate choreography and to put the energy in.

Jimmy spoke from his heart and said, ” It was so fun to mix around and goof up, I hope they never lose it, I don’t think it’s possible.” thinking about the recent segment they did together, Jimmy remembered stepping in a giant vat of Mac and cheese and said, ” I’d do anything to make the boys laugh.”

The three minutes forty seven second video ended winning ARMY’s hearts, where Jimmy said his goodbye and thanks to ARMY calling them ‘The greatest fans who go above and beyond in anything BTS did- anything big, colorful and fun,’ When asked what song he’d request BTS to perform he replied with ‘Fly to my room’ and declared it his jam. In the end Jimmy teased fans saying BTS may come sooner they expect.