Jharkhand Congress MLA’s vow to make roads smoother than Kangana Ranaut’s cheeks

Jharkhand MLA faces wrath in social media after comparing the roads of his constituency with Kangana’s cheeks. His promise of making better roads included Kangana Ranaut.


A Jharkhand MLA faces social media wrath after he compares the roads of his constituency with Kangan’s cheeks.

A Congress legislator of Jharkhand’s Jamtara Irfan Ansari uploads a video. He makes the video himself. In the video, he promises the people to provide better roads. While making the vow, he says, the roads will be smoother than Kangana Ranaut’s cheeks.

In the video, he has been heard saying, “Construction of 14 world-class roads will begin soon. I promise they will be smoother than actress Kangana Ranaut’s cheeks.”  The Congress legislator added that the smooth roads will be used by children from the tribal community and the state’s youth.

ANI shares a video of MLA Irfan Ansari and tweeted, “Jharkhand: I assure you that roads of Jamtara “will be smoother than cheeks of film actress Kangana Ranaut”. ; construction of 14 world-class roads will begin soon..: Dr. Irfan Ansari, Congress MLA,” Jamtara (Source: Self-made video dated January 14).”

Actresses have been the center of such remarks many times. It is not the first time with any actress. Last month, Hema Malini also called out the Maharashtra minister for similar actions while making promises. He also compares Hema Malini’s cheeks with the smooth supply of water in Jalgaon.