Jennifer Aniston gets teary eyed for Ellen’s farewell season

Jennifer Aniston was the first star to come on the Ellen Show and is also a close friend of Ellen. She helped Ellen launch the first episode of her farewell season. In the sneak peak released for the Tuesday’s episode, Jennifer seemed emotional at the beginning of the end of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres talk show.’

The talk show in it’s span of 19 seasons saw an intimate friendship bloom between Host Ellen DeGeneres and ‘FRIENDS’ actress Jenifer Aniston. The show is at it’s last season and the very first episode of the farewell season saw Jennifer Aniston getting emotional when she arrived and greeted Ellen.

The actress exclaimed, “”What the hell? This isn’t supposed to be emotional. God dang it!”

The full circle moment got fans emotional, Jenifer was the first guest on the very first season of The Ellen DeGeneres show and her being the first guest in the final season stirred emotions and brought back memories for both the fans and the actress.

The sneak peak in the show, showed Jenifer joking that she must be emotional since it’s a long time she has left her house, “You know, I haven’t been out in a long time guys.”

To the audiences amusement, Jen noticed a worn carpet engraved with Elo! instead of complete ‘Welcome’, Jen said she understood the meaning but she wondered, “But lets be clear, honest, I have done this show 19 Times,” Pointing to the carpet, Jen said, “That has been here only one time.”

To which Ellen remarked, “That’s not true” Ellen continued stifling her laughter, “It was here for a few days.”

The funny banter amused the audience and proved Jen has invested in the show as emotionally as Ellen. This made the launch of the farewell season more wholesome and beautiful. The guests to be seen in the later part will be Tiffany Haddish, Kim Kardashian West and social media stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio with late night show host, Jimmy Kimmel.

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