Jade Cline clarifies her ‘holding out’ on sex remark with Sean Austin for 6 months

Jade Cline is clarifying her recent remark she made regarding her sex life with Sean Austin on Teen Mom: Family Vacation.

“I was all little turnt up in that exercise & meant that the last 6 months I’ve been being more cautious with sex,” said Jade on Thursday via X. “My verbiage was wrong. My wedding/honeymoon was around the corner! I wanted to be able to enjoy it & not be pregnant lol,” she added.


During the reunion episode on March 20, the contestants had participated in a workshop by relationship experts Dr. Mike Dow and Michaiah Dominguez.

Dr. Mike had said that they will teaching the participants onto how to moan and breathe, which will eventually improve the intimacy of their relationship.

The experts asserted that the goal of the workshop was to draw partners closer to one another, regardless of how many years they have been together.

The task made Sean uncomfortable, which led to him thinking of walking away from the experience. However, with the support of Jade and other participants, he proceeded with the exercise. It wasn’t complete, however, until Jade opened up about her sex life with Sean.