Jad Hadid opens up about disappointing encounter with Jiya Shankar during Bigg Boss OTT 2 finale

In a recent candid interview with Bollywood Spy, popular contestant Jad Hadid opened up about his disappointing experience with fellow contestant Jiya Shankar during the grand finale of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Shedding light on the aftermath of the show’s culmination, Hadid revealed that his attempt to extend a friendly hand towards Jiya Shankar was met with unexpected coldness, leaving him taken aback.

As the confetti settled and the winner was crowned, Hadid approached Jiya Shankar to congratulate her and engage in a handshake, symbolizing camaraderie beyond the competitive confines of the reality show. However, to his surprise, Jiya’s response was less than welcoming, with her seemingly disinterested in initiating a conversation or even a simple handshake.He also expressed astonishment at Jiya’s sudden shift in attitude towards the end and her unfavorable behavior towards him and his fellow contestant Avinash sachdev.


Hadid expressed his confusion and disappointment at this behavior, emphasizing that their journey together was part of a reality show and not a reflection of their real-life personas. He further expresses that  Jiya should not hold onto any grudges or negative sentiments, urging her to let go of any animosity that may have developed during their time on the show.

The young reality star further commented on the transformative power of such reality programs, where alliances and dynamics can shift dramatically over the course of the competition. He noted that while he was taken aback by Jiya’s sudden change in demeanor, he remains hopeful that she will reflect on their shared experience and recognize the value of cordiality and sportsmanship.