Jacqueline Fernandez is ‘hooked’ to this!

The actress wrote, “I’m hooked!! @physio_bhavika99parekh(emojis).”

Sri lankan beauty and Indian actress, Jacqueline Fernandez has taken to her Instagram to share a photo of her after a physiotherapy session. A star mark can be seen on her body, as she poses for her mirror selfie.

The actress just got cupping therapy and the star mark was a result of that. In Cupping therapy, a therapist puts special cups on the skin of the person for a few minutes and that create suction, which is helpful in many ways, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being. This therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine and is a type of deep-tissue massage.

Meanwhile, the actress wrote, “I’m hooked!! @physio_bhavika99parekh(emojis).”

Fans have showered love on this new picture, while some suspected that the actress has got a tattoo.

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