It’s getting “too stressful” for Mira Rajput as her kid’s birthdays are round the corner

The coming week and few days seems to be hectic ones for Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Kapoor as she has to plan for her kids, Misha and Zain’s birthday.

Though Shahid Kapoor is a superstar in Bollywood but sometimes her wife, Mira Rajput takes more of the limelight and headlines. Be it on Karan Johar’s famous talk show, Koffee with Karan or award shows, Mira always proves to be more vocal than Shahid and this is what her fans also like.

Mira does not belong to a filmy background nor she is anyway associated with the industry but since her marriage, she has also become a celebrity. Currently, she teaches yoga on live sessions. Her Instagram feed is full of photos of her doing yoga. In one post she even featured her mother and grandmother, ‘Nani’ doing yoga along with her.


But this time she made headlines not due to her yoga classes but because of being stressed. The reason for her stress is the coming of the birthday of her two little munchkins, Misha and Zaid. She seems to be busy planning for the event and even urged her fans to give her ideas in a Q&A session. In her Instagram, she posted selfies of her with the caption, “Planning two kiddie birthdays 10 days apart. This is the appraisal week of my life. Too stressful”.

The photos:

Her daughter Misha Kapoor will have her birthday on 26 August while her younger brother, Zain will turn 3 years on 15th September. Mira is super excited to celebrate her kiddies bdays and looking for games to entertain them on birthdays. Mira and Shahid tied the knot in 2015 in a private wedding with just close friends. Though they have ten years age gap between them, but their love seems to fill the space.