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It was a wish my mother had: Anshuman Jha on having Mithila wedding with Sierra Winters


Critically acclaimed actor Anshuman Jha tied knot with long time girlfriend Sierra Winters, once again, after October – when the two go hitched in a white wedding, in the presence of their close ones. However, this time, the couple followed Mithila rituals, and Jha shares that it was her late mother’s wish. “It was a wish my mother had – for me to have a Mithila wedding. And Sierra always wanted an Indian wedding.” he says

Sharing about his views on marriage, Jha says, “I believe in the institution of marriage, and always have since I was a child. My mother would push me to marry in my twenties and I told her that when I somewhat know who I am, the universe will guide me to the right person. I told myself that I won’t marry till the time I am aware of who I am internally.”

Jha was single for three years before he met Winters and “I was truly content and clear.” He shares, “And then I met her and knew in that moment that this is the girl I want to spend my life with. Any healthy relationship, I feel, should be about serving the other person in honesty. Investing more, withdrawing less. That’s what we try to do. We fail too sometimes but we help each other. If you truly fall in love, you rise in marriage.”


Speaking about what makes the bond with Winters so special, Jha tells us that there is a power in simplicity which extravagance can never come close to, there is a purity. “Both me and Sierra are very simple people. We both respect simplicity and each other’s intent in life. And that is the one thing I say – ‘love’ is great but ‘respect’ is greater. If you can respect the human being that your partner is, you will always ‘like’ them. We both learn from each other & try to understand the other person’s POV – even in disagreements,” he concludes.