Kiara Advani answers some personal questions

Shershaah actress, Kiara Advani answered questions regarding her life.

Kiara Advani is ruling the hearts of her fans with her recent release Shershaah. But recently in an interview with Radio City, she revealed some personal secrets of her which were unknown to her fans. The interview was mostly like a rapid-fire where she answered the questions quickly. Most of the questions were targeted at her school friend from the Ambani family and her peculiar name. The first question asked was whether Isha Ambani is her childhood friend or is it just a rumour on social media. To which she replied, “Isha is a very close friend, she is an old friend. My best friends are girlfriends of mine from school – Sanya, Kareena, Charvi, Anuja, Sakshi”.

The second question was about her name. Why did she change her name to Kiara from Alia? She answered that she wanted industry people not to get her confused with Alia Bhatt. A different name gave her a separate identity or else every time she would be asked about her name and not her work. She went not adding that her family calls her many nicknames such as Aloo, Als, Kiara but ‘Ki’ is the most used.


One question was asked her whether she is rich? She replied in a rather diplomatic manner rather than being straightforward. She said, “It depends how you define rich. I would like to say I am rich in my values and culture and emotions.”

On the work front, she is currently busy receiving praises and applauds for the success of her film, Shershaah along with Siddharth Malhotra. The film was released on Amazon Prime on August 12, so if you haven’t watched yet go for a watch.