Irrfan Khan’s son, Babil Khan finishes first schedule of his debut film, says , “If you’re not careful, your self-importance will drown you.”

Babil, Irrfan’s son, revealed his intentions to work in Bollywood last year. Babil, who studied filmmaking in London, would often exchange photographs and stories of his later father teaching him useful lessons about the craft and the trade.

Babil Khan, the son of actor Irrfan Khan, is on his way to become a film actor and he has recently completed the first schedule of his debut film. Babil announced on Instagram on Saturday that he has completed his first-ever shooting schedule. He did not, however, announce much about the initiative.

“I have finished my first shooting schedule. Damn. Also with my childhood best friend bama side. In the process, I realised that it is absolutely necessary to remember that your self-importance will drown you if you’re not extremely careful and honest with yourself. You are part of a story and the story will always be bigger than you. (Whether you are an actor or not). Have a great day today!” Babil wrote alongside the photo.

Babil previously stated that he intends to make his debut shortly. He’s been sharing photos and stories about his late father teaching him useful lessons about the craft.

Babil wrote on Instagram a few weeks back, reflecting on Irrfan’s trip, that the late actor’s efforts to improve the standard of Hindi cinema were often thwarted by the audience, who declined to rise beyond the comfort of commercial films. The youngster also spoke extensively about nepotism, a topic that resurfaced after Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death in 2020.

“If you want to rebel against nepotism, do so, but don’t use Sushant as a reason to why you’re doing so now. Stand up for what’s right regardless anyway in any case,” Babil had said at the time.

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