International Women’s Day EXCLUSIVE: Bhor actress Pavleen Gujral on responsibilities of mothers, says ‘they need to teach their son about accepting a strong and independent woman’

Pavleen Gujral who was last seen in Kamakhya Narayan Singh’s directorial film ‘Bhor,’ talks about responsibilities of women as mothers. 


On March 8th, entire world is celebrating International Women’s Day. In an exclusive conversation with Sandip Pal of Business Upturn, Bhor actress Pavleen Gujral speaks about the responsibilities of mothers and how they can bring change in the society by giving some important lessons to their son.

Recently, a video went viral on social media in which a senior lady is seen shouting and abusing an young girl who is kissing a boy in the train’s compartment and other passengers in the compartment also supports that senior lady. The young girl keeps saying that she is 18-years-old and aware of what she is doing, but still the lady curse her. The senior lady also had two boy kids with her.

On asked about the same to Pavleen Gujral about how badly the lady is influencing her own children to behave with a girl who is independent enough. Pavleen replies, “I think on this International Women’s Day, the maximum concentration and responsibilities fall on the mothers. In our country, it’s not woman who needs to behave herself but it’s the men who needs to behave themselves in front of such woman. These woman may be standing up for what they believe in, they would want to be independent and not rely on anybody in their lives so they are actually breaking a barrier for themselves and there is nothing wrong with that but our society in not really accustomed to it which is a very sad part.”

“We have the prospects of growth in our country that we could easily surpass any other country but it’s the ideals of our culture that are turning out to be a barrier. I think that things are changing now but not as fast as they should be,” Pavleen adds.

“On this International Women’s Day, we just need to celebrate mothers by putting them in the spot and tell them to teach their boys rather than pointing out the women. The boys should know of how to be okay with a strong and independent woman,” Pavleen concludes.

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