India’s Best Dancer season 2 participant Varun Daggar was brutally attacked by the Delhi police: Watch the Viral video

Varun revealed that the officers grabbed his hair and repeatedly assaulted him.

Dancer Varun Dagar, who competed in the well-known dance-based reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer,’ was recently brutally beaten in Delhi.

The dancer posted a video of the incident to his social media account and said that other parking managers and Delhi Police officers assaulted and verbally harassed him. The actor Rajesh Tailang posted on the internet that he felt ashamed to be a citizen of Delhi after seeing the video, which has gained widespread attention on social media.


Varun posted a video of the entire event, in which uniformed police officers can be seen assaulting and beating him, on his Instagram.

He wrote out his entire experience and included the video, which read:  “When the police came to move me away from my spot near B Block, the parking managers also jumped in, and when people questioned the cops, they got involved in fisticuffs. I was packing up my things when the parking managers caught me by the collar and abused me.”

As he continued, “A cop then caught me and pulled my hair. He also hit me with his elbow and punched me and dragged me to the police van. When I asked what wrong did I do, the cop said that he will explain it to me after reaching the police station.”

Varun added, “They had no right to assault me like this and I am now going to take legal action against them.”

The actor Rajesh Tailang published the footage on his Twitter account and criticised the police authorities. Rajesh Tailang is well-known for portraying himself as a Delhi Police officer in the online series “Delhi Crime.”

“This is not a way to treat an artist. Feeling ashamed to be a Delhi citizen,”  d “Tweeted Tailang.

Others also flooded Varun’s comments section, arguing that the dancer was treated unfairly during the entire incident.