In an exclusive interview with DigiHunt, Rohit Saraf speaks on his nationality and trolling, while Akasa shares her experience of shooting their latest song ‘Shola’

Akasa’s latest song ‘Shola’, featuring Rohit Saraf and herself, released recently.

Rohit Saraf and Akasa recently released their latest single ‘Shola’ and it has received a hugely positive response from the audience. In an interview with DigiHunt, they got candid and talked about their experiences, nationality, how they deal with trolls and more!

Rohit Saraf finished 7 years in the Bollywood film industry and he calls the journey he has had so far “rich”. He added that he feels he has just begun, and that is exactly what singer Akasa feels about her journey too.


“In my head, I’m just like, “You have just begun. You have like one hit. Come on, get going!” she adds. Rohit also revealed what it feels like to get so much love and adulation from his fans. He said that even though it does take time to get used to it, he now feels grateful for the love he receives. He also recalled how coming to India from Nepal was never a big deal because he and his family knew they belonged here.

Akasa opened up about how blessed she feels to work with the Sony Music label. She said her voice is unique and she loves it when the music director lets her do her own thing.

Rohit also talked about the kind of projects he wants to be part of. He said he would love to do movies that resonate with people because that is what he looks for in movies and series. When talking about online trolling, Rohit said that if he sees a comment that points out something specific, he will take it head-on but otherwise he tries to not let hate comments bother him.