Ileana D’Cruz exuberates happiness in her recent Instagram picture

Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz posted a glimpse of her recent photoshoot session and has quoted the post as, “Forever mood. Well…90% of the time… #goofball #cantstopwontstop’.

Video Courtesy- Ileana D’Cruz’s Instagram

The South Indian movie star and Bollywood diva, Ileana has been advocating awareness about the mental health on her social media actively, and frequently shares motivational quotes to uplift the morale of her followers! Also, the actress is a brilliant poetess and is extremely fond of the craft too!

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Spent the day in a heavy emotional haze… Bawled my eyes out for hours… I didn’t even know Sushant personally but this hit so close to home it affected me so deeply… I can only send my deepest most heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, loved ones…I cannot imagine the pain you’re going through ♥️ There’s so much I want to say…we’re so misunderstood and I mean all of us as humans…we put on brave fronts when all we really want to do sometimes is to curl up and cry our hearts out.. We say we’re fine when we’re actually longing to scream out I’m drowning please help me… We smile and laugh and toss aside the pain that’s eating us up on the inside… And then when no ones looking we break we shatter we crumble we collapse… We are human. We are flawed. It’s ok to not be ok. It’s not ok to stay that way. It’s not weakness to ask for help. You are not alone. I know that feeling all too well… And I’m not here to preach… All I ask from all of you is to please please please be kind. The world needs more of your kindness. More of your empathy. More of your love. Even if you don’t understand, just be kind.

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Image Courtesy- Ileana D’Cruz’s Instagram

She also opened up on how she felt when she did not receive the workout results that she was, perhaps, expecting, “Been a strange couple of days. . . Felt great yesterday but today not so much… Didn’t even want to workout today but I still did it. I’d like to say that I felt frickin amazing after I finished my workout but I didn’t. A tiny bit better but definitely not amazing. And that’s ok. Some days are hard. That’s ok.”

Image Courtesy- Ileana D’Cruz’s Instagram

We hope the actress has been able to put a smile on your face during this lockdown with her positivity, and delightful personality.

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