“I did miss work and now, I am raring to go” says Priyanshu Chatterjee

Talking about the film actor Priyanshu Chatterjee says it will release later this month in the UK.

The pandemic postponed the arrival release of his first crossover British production, but actor Priyanshu Chatterjee is happy that the Sam Bhattacharjee directorial will at long last make its way to the audience.

He says, “We shot it just before the pandemic hit us. We were planning an earlier release but like every other film, ours also got stalled, no one can fight it.”


Discussing the film’s status, the Tum Bin (2001) actor says,  “We have finished shooting, dubbing, and all the post-production is done. I have been told that it would release in the UK by the end of this month and then they are planning the Indian release. That is all the information I have so far.”

He added, “I have never done horror before in my career. It is first-of-a-kind for me. There are a lot of special effects and graphics. It is a new thing for me. It was interesting for me,”

He uncovers he hasn’t shot anything in one and a half years since March 2020.

“I completely stayed at home. One does not want to go anywhere and put the family at risk. It was also about taking a step back… before the pandemic, we were all rushing — more work, more money, more travel, more friends, more party, more everything. It all just came to a grinding halt and gave us time to introspect about why we were running,” says the actor, adding that he invested the time going through scripts and settling what to shoot next.

“I did miss work and now, I am raring to go,” he signs off.