Hrithik Roshan and mother Pinkie shares cute mother-son moment

Diwali, the festive event of love and lights, sees many families eating and spending their moments together, and sharing pictures with their family.

On the festive event of light and love, the Diwali occasion has seen many Hollywood actors and famous people spending and enjoying their time together with their loved ones and close ones.

Hrthik Roshan was seen to be having his best time along with the family as well. Eating, sharing sweets and lighting some sparkles, their face light up with each other


Pinkie, Hrithik  Roshan’s mother, and Hrithik Roshan are seen to be grooving on the song ‘Boom Boom’.The video surfaces and receives many aww reactions. Hrithik is seen to be wearing a black kurta pyjama, and her mother Pinkie, wearing a pink suit.

Posting the video on her Instagram account, captions it, saying,” The sun shines when dancing with my son ROSHAN Ho Jataa Hain Jahaan”Later, his father, Rakesh Roshan is also seen to be lighting up some sparkles on this blessed occasion.

Hrithik Roshan as well posts a series of pictures with his family members and captions it,”Hearts full of love, eyes full of hope, looking at all you beautiful people as we journey together around the sun one more time. This next round, we shall learn to care for each other even better” and ends it with wishful ‘Happy Diwali’