Hindi adult actress Priyanka Upadhyay not getting work due to acting in dirty films- Watch EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Hindi adult actress Priyanka Upadhyay is known for her works in films such as Matkani ke Matke, Gandii Baat and Sunny Winter. Recently, a video of her has been doing rounds on the internet. The video shows her stating that she is not getting work due to her acting in dirty pictures in the past.

The video begins with her talking about her health and she says that she got typhoid. Priyanka then shifts to the actual problem by stating that she didn’t know that people in India still have narrow-minded thinking. The actress said that if a person has done bold in the past, you would judge her on that basis.


Only because a person has done bold, does that define that person’s character. She says that it is so wrong to have such orthodox thinking. Before judging, you must know why the person did it. Priyanka talked about her reasons for doing such films and it was due to compulsion that she did it. Before judging someone, one must always look through their character.

The actress got emotional while stating that just because she has done bold in the past, people are judging on that basis. An event that happened 7-8 years ago, which should be long forgotten is getting backfired on her. She stated that people are not giving her work because of her prior choice of films.

Priyanka asked that if a person has done bold, he/she doesn’t have a right to live. These actions only lead to a person committing suicide. Due to trolling in huge numbers, a person has no other chance to survive this cruelty. Then after a person dies, there will be fake sympathy by the others. They will say how they could have helped the individual and if he/she would have reached out.